Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Lady Ghost of Nangen's Prison" by BaiQin - 1st
Date :12/9
~Lady Ghost of Nangens Prison~

<b>"Wakie, ya' sleepyhead! It's your turn"

Tod yelled at me.

Tod was a senior jailer. He was a good mentor except for his drinking habit. We were the guardsmen for the jail tonight.

"Yeah.. Yeah.. What a pain" I mumbled as I grabbed my lantern. I looked out the window and saw the moon, it was probably around midnight.

When I was about to excuse myself to Tod, I saw him already snoring comfortly on his chair with his mouth wide open.

"Oh man.." I mumbled as I was leaving the guards room.

I walked along the first and second block. All the inmates were sleeping, and when I was walking along the third one, I heard a lady's voice. It gave me chills and I was hastening my pace back to the guards room. Then a song was echoing..


I sought where the voice was coming from and it led me to a creepy cell in the corner, the only cell which had a full door. I never knew who's inside.

I slowly put my ear closer to the door in hoping the steal any unheard sound to help me describe the situation inside.

"BRAAAAKKK..!!" the door is suddenly slammed from the inside, I was aghast and hastily running to the guards room.

In the guards room, suffocatingly I tried to wake Tod from his slumber.

"Wake up, Tod! Wake up"

"Wha.. Wha.. Slow down will ya.." he responded as he waked in slightly upset.

"I heard something.. from that cell in the corner"

"Ya got to tell a better joke Son. Ya know what time is it?"

"Believe me, Tod. I'm not joking!"

Tod was pointing at the drawer near the door. "Grab the silver key and check it by yaself".

I opened the drawer and found the key. I put it in my pocket and heard another snoring from Tod. This time was louder.

"Man.." I shook my head and I left the guards room alone with my lantern.

As I arrived in front of the creepy cell's door, I heard a crying instead, and it was really bugging my mind.

"Okay.. I am coming in.." I said to myself as I was unlocking the door.

I uplifted my lantern as I entered the room. It was so dark. In the corner, I saw a lady. She turned her back againts me and crying. She got a long hair and dressing in all white. I tried to approached her when suddenly she turned around and I saw her pale face was staring at me with her empty eyes sockets. I paralyzed, I couldn't move.. The lady slowly approaching me with her hands ready to strangle me.

As I felt her hand were about to reaching my neck, suddenly I felt a spray of water drenched my hair.

<b>"Wakie, ya' sleepyhead! It's your turn"

Tod yelled at me.

"Where.. Where am I..? Is that a dream? What.. What time is it?" I looked out the window when I saw the moon was raising at its highest.

"It's around midnight, Son"

"That cell.. in the corner.. Do you know what happened? Is there anyone inside?!"

"Whoa..Whoa.. easy lad.." he replied.. "Why would you ask?" he continued.

"Please.. tell me Tod!" I forced him.

He seemed a bit nervous and his face was getting serious. He took some sips from his bottle of wine and began to tell the story in a low voice.

"There was a young beautiful lady. The wall of the palace for several times had been the witness of her beautiful voice. The prince fell in love with her and made her his fiancee. A few nights before their marriage, the prince knew she was pregnant with another man. The prince got furious and sent her to jail. Promised to never look her face again, he locked her cell with a black wooden door. After crouching for several weeks in her cell, she committed suicide. A patrolling guard found her body hanging using the cloths she put on. After that tragedy, the cell was left empty and we don't accept any other lady inmate in this jail ever since."

I was speechless, Tod also seemed to feel uneasy as he finished his second bottle of wine that night. And suddenly we heard a ghastly voice of a lady.


We were stunned and looked at each other.

"Hey, check it will ya?" Tod asked me.

"No, Thank you. I quit"